SMA Prep Works with Water for South Sudan to build a Well in Africa

Last year, the SMA Prep Interact Club embarked on a journey to make a real world, positive impact as part of their service learning. This Interact International Project was inspired by SMA Prep 6th grade cadets who read A Long Walk to Water which is based on a true story by Linda Sue Park. Based on that inspiring story, they wanted to do something about the water crisis in parts of Africa. The Water For South Sudan project presented the opportunity and along with the help of the entire school began raising the $5,000 needed to sponsor the building of a well.

Interact Club Water for South Sudan (1)
SMA Prep Interact Cadets request well donations outside of their classroom.

Everyone involved was excited to hear the announcement today that the well is complete and families can now access clean water within a closer distance to where they live. SMA Prep Interact Club, led by SMA-CPT Neff, SMA-MAJ Pelletier, and SMA-CPT Clancy along with the Sarasota Southside Rotary Club and cadet leaders are proud to know their hard work has created an opportunity for people in remote, rural areas in South Sudan to change their lives.

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In South Sudan, millions of women and children trek for up to eight hours a day to collect water from marshes, ditches, or hand-dug wells where water is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria. The results are sickness, even death.  This Interact International Project was also part of an interdisciplinary unit for SMA Prep 6th grade cadets inspired by reading A Long Walk to Water which is based on a true story by Linda Sue Park.


Thanks to the passion of the teachers and cadets at SMA Prep and in working with the community through the Interact and Sarasota Southside Rotary Club, the original journey to make a real world, positive impact came to fruition. Students will remember the experience because of their first hand interaction which offered a deeper understanding of empathy and the power they have to improve the lives of others.

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Interact Club News

The Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside hosted the officers and board members of the SMA Prep Interact Club at Fleming’s Steakhouse on May 1, 2016. The outstanding young leaders delivered the program and shared not only their accomplishments of the current school year, but their plans for the future. The Interact board members that attended the event were as follows: Sam Mast, Sarah Cripe, Valerie Wojcik, Colton Brantley, Joey Collins, and two cadets from SMA High School. Coordinators SMA-Major Pelletier, SMA-Captain Neff, and SMA-Captain Clancy joined the cadets in the celebration. interact_flemings