Success in Life (home, school, career … ) – It’s a Mindset

As I reflect on the many barriers that seem to pop up in our endeavors to define our purpose in life, leave a lasting legacy, plan for the golden years, develop a fulfilling career, support the happiness of our family and loved ones, achieve a simple goal or just get through the day, I am often reminded of the importance of my mindset (attitude, for lack of a better term) in overcoming these hurdles. As I reflected on this, prompted by the many concerns and issues that arise in my role as a leader of a dynamic organization, I was prompted to reach out to my good friend, Google, to see how others have managed. 

In my research of mindset, I was seemingly attacked by a plethora of individuals and companies intent on selling me a book, program or service to help me change my mindset and achieve unheard of heights. Thanks, but I’m not buying. I also came across some valuable research (found after filtering through all the sales pitches) and some excellent publications from varied industry/professional organizations. Evidently there is a common understanding that a “fixed”, meaning not able to change, mindset is not conducive to attaining your goals, whereas a “growth” mindset builds a sense of resilience and perseverance allowing for a greater likelihood of overcoming barriers (Carol Dweck). I did find some interesting and provoking articles and presentations regarding mindset that could certainly be used by an individual or an organization to address growth, such as the “8 Mindsets That Will Set You on the Path to Success” by Deep Patel of the Serial Entrepreneur, and the video from Freedom in Thought, “The Most Powerful Mindset for Success” at as a visual and aural explanation of mindset. 

As I processed all this information found on the world wide web, I had somewhat of an epiphany about success – barriers – mindset; these barriers we perceive between us and our goals are simply barriers created by our own minds. They are only barriers because that is what we have defined them. It truly is just a mindset. 


Very Respectfully,


SMA-COL Frederick T. Fout