Exploring 3D Design

SMA-CPT Miller’s Digital Art students have been working on a 3D design unit this term. Student artists are learning how to use different CAD programs and apply them to a variety of purposes. Throughout this unit, students designed multiple figures and objects to include snowmen, people, animals, aliens, and houses. They collaborated with their peers to design their own themed chess game (like Harry Potter themed Monopoly), a game board, and their own chess pieces using a CAD program of their choice (BlocksCAD, TinkerCAD, or SketchUp).

“After designing their pieces and deciding which would be the King, Queen, pawn, etc., they printed and painted their pieces. Every student got their 3D design printed by our 3D printers. For the last day of the project students played chess against each other using their own boards and printed designs.” – SMA-CPT Miller.

Cadet Jewell with his space shuttle 3D piece.

Ashton designed a space shuttle for a space themed chess board. “My favorite part about the project was painting the piece. It was so small, making it a challenge to get everything colored.” – Ashton Jewell.

Cadet Enriquez with Princess Peach chess piece.

“This project was fun because it was a new challenge, and it was my first time making my artwork 3d and then printing it.” – Maria Enriquez. Maria made Princess Peach for a Mario themed chess board.

“We created Luigi from Mario, and we used colors such as green, brown, white, and black to paint and make him come to life.” Laeonae Moulton. Moulton designed Luigi with Dustin Johnson for a Mario themed board. This group had to make an extra piece since they had less members.

“I liked that we got to 3D print our pieces and play chess with them.” – Karl Mosher. Karl made the Pyramid of Giza for a monuments themed chess board.

“This piece represents a king piece in the shape of a Playstation 4. Our theme was gaming consoles, and I chose this piece because it is my favorite gaming console.” – Saul Calderon.