Incoming Freshmen

Dear Parents of Incoming Freshmen,

Congratulations! Your child is off to a very bright future with your commitment to a Sarasota Military Academy education. You may be experiencing any number of different emotions at this time, likely some mixture of happiness and sadness, excitement and anxiety.

A plethora of emotions are to be expected for both you and your young cadet. Am I providing the best education for my child? Is my child mature enough to handle the growing responsibilities of high school? Should I back off and just let him/her succeed or fail? What about college? Career? Military?

I get it, as a father of six, with one graduating this year and another that is still in elementary, I am always second guessing my decisions. So let me please put you at ease with the following assurance of our educational program, and assurances of our commitment to you and your family.

  1. The SMA commitment to the growth of positive citizens and change-makers

When an SMA cadet navigates through the four years of the High School JROTC program, and especially for the cadets that  transition from Sarasota Military Preparatory Academy, they will learn and develop a strong value based citizenship philosophy, as well as key leadership skills and experiences that will serve them throughout their lives and make positive impacts within their communities.

  1. The SMA commitment to educational programming that meets the needs of your cadet

Gone is the concept that a military academy is for that student that “needs to be fixed”. SMA is proud to offer a top of the line educational program that begins with the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program at the Preparatory campus, and continues at the High School campus with multiple avenues to prepare for success in college and careers. Examples of courses and programs of study to support your cadet’s college and career aspirations include:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
  • Honors Courses
  • International Baccalaureate Courses
  • The College Board Advanced Placement Courses
  • Three University Recognized World Languages (Chinese, Spanish and American Sign Language)
  • General and Advanced Courses in Mathematics, Sciences, English Literature
  • Skill Building Courses in Mathematics, Sciences, English Literature and English as a Second Language
  • General and Advanced Courses in Technology and Design
  • General and Advanced Courses in Physical and Health Education
  • General and Advanced Courses in Visual and Performing Arts (Drawing, Painting, 3D Arts, Band, Bagpipes, Drum Line, Chorus
  • Career Industry Certifications in Physical and Health Education and Technology and Design
  • Dual Enrollment with Suncoast Technical College and State College of Florida
  1. The SMA commitment to parent, family and community involvement

There are multiple ways that parents, family and community can provide input and make a difference in our cadets’ lives through service to Sarasota Military Academy. We gratefully welcome and encourage family and community members to participate in the decision making process through committee work, involvement and participation with our governing board, and through the Parent Teacher Cadet Council (PTCC). We are always looking for individuals from our SMA Family and community that will volunteer time to positively affect our cadets by assisting with clubs, athletics, JROTC activities, school events and even supporting classroom instruction by providing individualized assistance for our cadets.

  1. The SMA commitment to cadet self-actualization

With close to 30 different opportunities for cadets to get involved in the SMA experience, from athletics and JROTC teams to clubs and activities, our SMA cadets have many opportunities to develop a positive base of individual friendships with other cadets, staff and faculty, and our greater community partnerships. These opportunities, along with the strong values and citizenship foundations provided through the JROTC curriculum and cadet life, helps to guide our cadets to become self advocates, influential community members and strong characters that exemplify honor, integrity and respect.

  1. The SMA commitment to the social/emotional wellness of its’ cadets, staff and faculty, and community as a whole

Sarasota Military Academy is committed to the social and emotional wellness of all its cadets, staff, faculty and community as a whole. The SMA organizational philosophy is one of teaching young adults, rather than teaching specific contents. Though our  instructional staff is exemplary in their content areas, the focus of teaching the whole child drives our commitment to developing lasting mentoring relationship with our cadets. We assure you that your cadet will have an opportunity to make that lasting and influential bond with a positive role model adult that research assures us is the number one factor of success.

This is all a lot to consume, but let me personally assure you that we are always here for one reason, and one reason only, your cadet. As a promoting cadet from Sarasota Military Preparatory Academy, your seat is only waiting for you to arrive that first day! As you are ALREADY ENROLLED, we ask that you reach out to our counseling department or grade level administration team to ensure a smooth transition. Please know that SMA counselors and administration will be visiting your cadet at the Prep campus to discuss scheduling for their Freshman year.

If you have any questions, please contact the front office 941-926-1700 or counseling office at: Elke Olree, SMA-SFC , Administrative Assistant: 941-926-1700 ext. 221

We can’t wait to see your cadet!


Frederick T. Fout, SMA-LTC, Head of School