SMA Prep Teachers Receive IB Grants from the Florida League of IB Schools

Congratulations to SMA-CPT Deanna Ferguson and SMA-MAJ Todd Brown for each being awarded a $1,000 FLIBS Excellence Grant for the 2018-19 school year.

SMA-CPT Ferguson grant is for More Than Words: Legacy Project. Students will explore the lives and legacies of global thinkers, leaders, and innovators through identifying the ways these figures employed IB learner profile attributes.

Students will select a famous or community leader, create a mini-biography of their lives, analysis their words, and determine a tangible representation of an inspirational quote that they can keep long after the project (and middle school) is over.

The grant monies will be used to aid the purchase supplies for these quote creations, often in the form of picture frames and shadow boxes, but the medium varies, depending on the chosen quote. This grant would augment the child’s quote project portion, aiding families who cannot afford these items.

SMA-MAJ Brown’s grant is for Project Health, where students, faculty, and families will embark on a project from ground zero that is aimed to improve academic performance, physical health, and social/emotional intelligence. Through cross-curricular activities, the students will design an American Ninja Warrior type obstacle course and build it on the school’s campus. Through the process, the students will use not only traditional academic lessons but also life skills such as investigating, communication, and critical thinking to bring their specific designs to life.

This is a unique opportunity for students to engage in learning that yields a physical product that they will be able to use for years. It will enhance family/school bonding through a collaborative effort in which the students learn from the faculty engaging in a public build throughout the school year resulting in the inclusion of character building and self-worth through teamwork and meaningful accomplishment. Once completed, the ‘opening’ will have two of NBC’s American Ninja Warriors in a large-scale fundraising effort with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation open to the public. This will be the first event of its kind in county history. Long-term use for the course will include all physical education classes, athletic teams, and academic classes on an on-going basis.

Finally, the course may be open to the faculty and outside schools/organizations for team building exercises. The course itself will be designed with all students in mind. It will feature adjustable components and supplementary material that will allow for all students to succeed by increasing or decreasing the difficulty level to match the needs of the students for not only competitive purposes but also that of social and emotional skill building. The students will use the course to highlight their unique abilities to succeed not only in the eyes of their peers but most importantly for themselves.