Bullying Prevention Awareness Campaign

Middle school can be a difficult time for students to be different or stand out from their peers.  Yet this is exactly what SMA Prep cadets are doing by using their talents to “Rise Above” the negatively and set an example with their bullying prevention campaigns.

IMG_1274With almost 80 students submitting their ideas in a creative message, the #PreventBullying campaign is spreading across the campus.  “The intent was to get students to think about their actions and responses to each other”, explained Major Becky Morris, Assistant Head of School.

SMA Prep Cadet Jonathan Van Beuren received first place for his artwork in the anti-bullying banner contest and was congratulated for his powerful message, “Rise Above” during  #BullyingPrevention month.  His artwork will be displayed as the SMA Prep Facebook Profile picture and enlarged into a banner for display around campus.

Tying for second place were designs by Anais Zambaux and Peter Van Beuren.  Third place (shown with SMA-CPT Audrey Benitez) was #anti-bullying banner by Martha Cheno Jauregui.

Thank you to our counselors, SMA-CPT Audrey Benitez and SMA-CPT Dianne Sacchetti, for sponsoring this contest and dedicating their time to get the word out to #StopBullying.  Also, many thanks to SMA Prep teachers Laura Victore and Gregg Hermann for their support and encouragement.

You can help spread the word by sharing the post on your Facebook or Instagram accounts or making “Rise Above” your cover image.  Thanks for helping us share the #StopBullying message!