Data Scientist and Inventor, Dr. Radinsky, Wows SMA Prep Cadets With the Global Impact of Predicting the Future

Director of Data Science, IL Chief Scientist, eBay and Visiting Professor/Scientist, Technion, Dr. Kira Radinsky, enlightened a packed classroom of 60 fortunate cadets as part of SMA Prep’s Project Earth Speaker Series. Dr. Radinsky shared how her passion for prediction led her to create algorithms to tap into the human behavior underlying internet searching. Through a combination of questioning whether we can search to predict and a desire to automate causality and correlations, Dr. Radinsky, “developed algorithms that leverage web knowledge and dynamics to predict future events, that enable early warning of globally impactful events (e.g. riots or diseases) by spotting clues in past and present news reports”. (  

IMG_0394This phase of Dr. Radinsky’s career was spent understanding historical patterns and how they could predict the future. It was her creative use of algorithmic thinking that reaped the benefits of the computing ability to mine big data and to recognize the human fingerprints behind the internet searches around events. From tracing the steps of a historical Ebola outbreak to a volcanic eruption or predicting violent outbreaks that erupt within societies, Dr. Radinsky’s work is on target with the content and global concepts being investigated in 8th-grade Civics at SMA Prep.

Dr. Radinsky’s research offers a cutting-edge, real-world connection for SMA Prep cadets who are currently participating in a campus-wide initiative aptly named Project Earth. These forward-thinking cadets are exploring various aspects of their shared environment through interdisciplinary activities across the subjects they study; language and literature, design, science, math, art, and language acquisition. By making a personal connection to the real world around them, the cadets discover that becoming a change-maker is within their grasp.

When asked by a cadet what gets her most excited about her work, Dr. Radinsky was straightforward as she replied, “knowing that what we do will change the world is what gets me excited”. By inventing a system to access knowledge throughout the world, Dr. Radinsky, will not only change the world but also inspire many young people to do the same.

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About Dr, Kira Radinsky

I am the proud director of data science of eBay (after the acquisition of the company I co-founded, SalesPredict). My passion has always been in mining data – from my Ph.D. in the field of Web Dynamics and Temporal Information Retrieval to our exciting work in SalesPredict, and the medical data mining that we do pro-bono. I specialize in the intersection of predictive data mining and the construction of algorithms that leverage information found on the web and external dynamics to predict future events. For the past years, I have been developing predictive algorithms that recognized the early warning signs of globally impactful events, including political riots and disease epidemics and other economic events. ( To find out more about Dr. Radinsky’s groundbreaking work visit

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