SMA Prep is Going for the Green in 2017-18!

Eco-Schools USA strives to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and culture of a school. Through school-based teams of students, administrators, educators and community volunteers, Eco-Schools combines effective “green” management of the school grounds, facilities, and curriculum. Eco-Schools is an international program hosted in the United States by the National Wildlife Federation. Eco-Schools USA is committed to building a sustainable, comprehensive green school movement in the U.S. and abroad.” (1996-2017 National Wildlife Federation)

“The Seven Step Framework The Eco-Schools USA Seven Step framework is designed to be a flexible process and one that any school should be able to implement. You are encouraged within this framework to implement each of the Seven Steps in the way that suits your school and situation best. The steps involve a wide diversity of individuals from the school community – with students playing a primary role in the process.” (1996-2017 National Wildlife Federation)

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(1996-2017 National Wildlife Federation)

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